Why Choose Alhosn
University Abu Dhabi?


We are the largest multi-disciplinary university in the United Arab Emirates, committed to delivering world-class education and research. Our institution is one where faculty, scientists and brilliant students can explore and expand the frontiers of knowledge both for their own growth and for that of the wider society. We encourage research and innovation and celebrate success to nurture an environment that will develop young minds into the leaders of tomorrow.


Our campus is world-class
and unlike any other

Our infrastructure at Alhosn University Abu Dhabi spans across 700 000 square feet. It’s an environmentally sustainable campus with intelligent building management systems, such as motion-sensor lights that’s used to save power.

Our classrooms are digitised and our sports and fitness facilities are unparalleled – we have a fully equipped gym, water-saving football field, swimming pool and more. Students have access to various inspiring areas for brainstorming and studying, as well as multiple food stations, game rooms and cafés. To be the best, students deserve the best, and with our top class facilities, each student of Alhosn University Abu Dhabi can successfully achieve their goals.


We have a diverse range of courses

To prepare our students for the jobs of the future, we have a range of exciting, modern courses such as Nanotechnology, Aerospace Engineering, Forensic Science and Fashion Design as well as traditional courses such as Law, Architecture, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering. Our degrees are globally recognised and accepted, which gives Alhosn University students the opportunity to become international citizens.


We’re positioned to provide students with a rich global experience

With more than 50 different nationalities, our campus is truly international.  Alhosn University Abu Dhabi is located within the vibrant educational hub of Abu Dhabi international Academic City, close to the airport, downtown Abu Dhabi, and other major tourist attractions like the world-renowned Burj Khalifa and Abu Dhabi Mall.


Our university is passionate about research & innovation

Did you know that we are home to an Incubation Centre where students can develop their ideas for start-ups and further grow those initiatives into scalable, fundable business models?  Academic research is part of the Alhosn DNA, with all of our faculty encouraged to continue to contribute to research projects and present papers at academic conferences.


Our laboratories are fully equipped to
provide hands-on experience

We have advanced labs to prepare our students for specialised study and give them real insight into thier future workplace. Our Aerospace and Construction lab has equipment and machinery that cannot be found at any other tertiary institution in Abu Dhabi and our Hospitality students have access to a state-of-the-art kitchen which can produce 400 covers. Other outstanding labs that can be found at Alhosn University Abu Dhabi include our Nanotechnology lab, Design studios and Media Lab with sound and video production. With these progressive labs, our students are given a competitive edge to excel in their future careers.

Complete Assistance

We help our students to apply for visas before departure and pick them up at the airport once they arrive in Abu Dhabi.

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Our faculty members are masters of their field

Alhosn University Abu Dhabi is home to the best lecturers from around the world, and many come with global industry experience. Collectively, our faculty members have 856 patents and have published approximately 6,000 academic papers. They follow an open door policy and regularly meet with students to discuss course material and provide further guidance. Our lecturers serve as true role models with high moral and ethical values. These are the qualities that prepare our students to be global citizens of tomorrow.

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Students have access to our global alumni network

Alumni from a wide range of industries return to Alhosn University to speak with our students enabling current students to tap into a vast network of alumni and gain different perspectives on success. Through a variety of events and meetings, students learn about the alumnus beyond a résumé, and gain first-hand experience of their triumphs and adversities.

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We assist students with job placements at renowned organisations

One of the reasons we’re consistently ranked at the top is our continuous interaction with the corporate world. We meet with leading professionals more than any other institution and have the largest network of industry leaders who regularly visit the campus to connect with students. We provide special assistance and training for job interviews, and focus on both soft and hard skills to ensure our students are well prepared and thoroughly equipped for potential hiring opportunities.

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